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Today one in four orthodontic patient is an adult.

Leaving misaligned teeth untreated may lead to other dental problems such as tooth decay ,gum diseases and difficult chewing.

Orthodontic treatment creates a better bite,making teeth fit better and decreasing the risk of future dental problems regardless of age.

Advances in orthodontics have also made treatment more comfortable and less noticeable then ever for individuals of all ages.

Many of today's treatment options are designed to minimize the appearance of the appliance to better fit any lifestyle.

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You can have a healthy beautiful smile at any age-

Orthodontic treatment today is an viable option for almost any adult like youngsters, adults can experience self assurance that comes with a confident smile along with benefits of improved oral health.

Does age really matters for orthodontic treatment??

You are never old for orthodontic treatment. Your orthodontist considers many variables when developing your customised treatment plan, but age is rarely a deciding factor.

Why orthodontic treatment is necessary??

Teeth and jaws that are properly aligned are easier to keep clean through brushing and flossing.Correcting the bite(how upper and lower teeth fit together)reduces improper forces placed on the teeth and improves your ability to bite and chew also improving the odds of keeping your teeth long term.

Depending on what is missing your orthodontist may choose to move neighbouring teeth together to close the space where the tooth os missing or hold open a space for bridge or implant.

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