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FAQs while choosing Braces

How do braces work?

Braces apply constant pressure to slowly correct the alignment of your teeth. As your teeth move into the proper place, your orthodontist will continue to adjust your tooth alignment until it is perfect.

What are the alternatives to metal braces?

Traditional Metal Braces
Metal Braces

Metal braces are still one of the most popular options for those who want straighter teeth. This is a system that we know works well for even very complicated cases. That said, there are some alternatives for those who do not think that metal braces are the best option for their needs. For example, there are ceramic and even plastic braces that use the same general system as metal braces to straighten teeth.

Perhaps the best alternative to metal braces is a system like Invisalign. This is a system of plastic aligners that gradually straightens teeth. Many prefer this system because it can actually be removed from the teeth for eating and then for cleaning the teeth and the aligners.

If you do not want metal braces or do not believe that your case is severe enough for metal braces, there are lots of alternatives you can ask your orthodontist about.

How long will I need to wear my braces?

The duration of treatment for braces depends on each patient. On average, most treatments last 12 to 15 months, but can range between 6 to 30 months.

Do braces hurt?

You may experience some tenderness for a few days as your teeth, cheeks, and lips become accustomed to the braces

Never! We’ve been seeing more and more adults at our practice over the years. In fact, 25% percent of all orthodontic patients are adults. Braces are a great choice for anyone looking to align their bite and straighten their teeth. We even have esthetic options including clear braces and Invisalign that tend to work well for grown-ups. Health and happiness are vitally important to adults and orthodontic treatment can increase your self-esteem at any age!

Are braces available for adults?

Invisalign Braces
Invisible Braces

This is another common questions about braces. When most people think of braces, they think of the teenage years. And while it is true that many people get their braces on while they are teenagers, it’s also true that more and more adults are getting orthodontic treatment and are getting just as many benefits from it. There are many different options available for adults, including metal braces, but also a number of more discreet options, like Invisalign.

Invisalign was actually developed first and foremost as an treatment for adults who wanted straighter teeth but did not want to get metal braces far after the time that most people believed it was acceptable to get metal braces.

Do braces do anything other than improve my smile?

Many people mistakenly believe that braces are a purely cosmetic treatment. And while there is real value in having a straighter, more confident smile, there are plenty of health-related reasons to get braces. Many patients will need not just their individual teeth straightened, but their entire bit corrected. This can make it much easier to keep your mouth clean and healthy. It will also eliminate many of the issues that can make chewing painful or that can cause long term pain in the jaw. You’ll see less gingivitis, fewer cavities, and will overall just be more pleased with how your teeth look.

The cost of your braces treatment will depend on a number of factors including the complexity of your case, how long you’ll need to wear them, how well you follow our instructions and take care of your braces and the type of braces you choose. We’ll go over the price at your consultation and work with you to find an option that suits your needs.

Yes. Once you kick off treatment, we’ll give you complete instructions and a comprehensive list of foods to avoid. Basically, you’ll just want to stay away from really hard or sticky foods (e.g., taffy, caramel, nuts) and eat sugary treats and beverages in moderation.

Ready to get started?

If you are ready to straighten your teeth with a caring and trusted professional. Contact Elegant Smile Orthodontics at Thane West.

How do i schedule my next appointment?

You are welcome to contact our orthodontic office at any time to schedule an appointment with the help of our front office team. Please let us know if you are a new patient or a referral so that we can provide you with all the necessary information.

We hope this information has been helpful for you. Please feel free to contact Elegant Smile Orthodontics Dental Clinic & Smile Designing Centre at Thane west to learn more about orthodontics. We look forward to hearing from you!

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