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There are three most common questions asked to the orthodontist-

1) duration of the treatment

2) comfort level

3) visibility of the appliance or braces

Technological advancements in orthodontics are constantly looking at the alternatives to improving on the level of discomfort as well as time spent undergoing treatment.

One of those alternatives to consider is self ligating brackets also known as Damon braces or Smart braces.

In the case of your more tradional braces, the orthodontist uses elastics to keep archwire on the bracket.

In self ligating braces, the arch wire is held in place by bracket itself by closing small spring loaded door.

Some of the few advantages of self ligating braces are as follows-

1 )small duration appointment

2) reduction in total treatment duration(upto 6 months)

3) reduces discomfort than traditional braces.

Self ligating braces come in both metal and ceramic brackets, so those concerned about their appearance can choose a less conspicuous route.

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